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342,622 Miles

Pipe on which Opvantek software is evaluating risk

7,365,851 Locate Requests

Processed by OptimainxDR

12,303 Preventable Damages

Number of actual damages reported on locate requests
that were ranked in the top 10% by OptimainxDR

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The Opvantek Advantage

For more than 25 years, Opvantek has been digging deep to get real, meaningful information from every imaginable source of data. We deliver software solutions that make best use of your data, with proven results, and dedicated customer service. Our highly configurable, best-in-class solutions help to reduce risk, minimize your operating expenses, and improve public safety.

We’re much more than a software vendor. We’re safety and compliance. We’re proactive and predictive. We’re your long-term solution to the ever-present challenge of knowing what lies underground and out of sight. We’re your partner.

With Opvantek, you get:

  • A team who understands how to solve every challenge utilities face.
  • Industry-leading support and responsiveness.
  • Time-tested, data-driven, and proven results.

342,622 Miles

Pipe on which Opvantek
software is evaluating risk

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Locate Requests

Integrity Management
optimain IM
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An Integrated, Automated, Complete Integrity Management Solution.
Bring together all the information you have about your system and every threat it faces to produce a single, consistent, mathematically sound risk evaluation, with results available any time you need them. Project risk into the future and set up multi-year programs and budgets to explore and optimize risk-mitigation scenarios. Reduce operating expenses while you mitigate risk and comply with the IM regulations.

Industries Served

Natural Gas

Implement a single risk-assessment and decision-support platform for all your integrity management programs. From storage wells through gathering and transmission lines, distribution mains, services, and even inside piping to burner tips, Opvantek’s industry-leading integrity management platform–OptimainIM-can:

  • Integrate all your sources of infrastructure knowledge.
  • Monitor threats of any type.
  • Assess risk on any asset type
  • Fully support your pipeline safety management program (API RP 1173).

Also learn how OptimainxDR can help you prevent excavation damages using predictive analytics

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Other Underground Utility Owners

Telecommunications systems, electric distribution lines, and water/wastewater/sewer facilities can all be affected by excavation damage, leading to loss of service, costly repairs, environmental impacts, and other consequences. OptimainxDR can help any underground utility operator target damage-prevention activities on one call tickets with the highest risk, using a predictive analytics engine that learns from your data alongside a consequence model that is tuned to your assets and service territory.

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One Call Centers

A state or regional one call center is perfectly positioned to host OptimainxDR’s predictive analytics engine for use by all of its members. Secure data sharing allows damages from any participating member utility to be incorporated into the statistical model. The updated model can then be used to evaluate risk on all future applicable tickets. And by hosting a single instance of the OptimainxDR engine, the call center can also enable simplified setup and administration to benefit all member utilities. Invite us to your next board meeting to learn more.

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Utility Locators

Anyone performing utility locate services on behalf of underground facility owners can use risk scores from OptimainxDR to help prevent damages. Knowing which tickets are more likely to lead to damage and which tickets have higher consequences can be used to:

  • Fine-tune screening criteria.
  • Assign more experienced locators.
  • Select sites for quality control audits(after the paint is down).
  • Offer field damage prevention services –from phone and e-mail contact to pre-dig meetings to full stand-by services.

In addition, the statistics available from OptimainxDR can be used to target locator training and performance evaluations.

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