Using Predictive Analytics to Prevent Excavation Damage

More than half of all excavation damages will occur on fewer than 10% of the locate requests sent to utilities by the nation's 811 call centers.

OptimainxDR can tell you which 10% to focus on. Opvantek's robust cloud-based software engine provides risk-based predictive analytics on all 811 notifications sent from one call centers to underground facility owners. Our backtests and real-world results across the country show that more than 50% of damages occur on tickets ranked in the top 10% by the OptimainxDR engine. This profound insight allows every stakeholder involved in the damage-prevention process to focus activities on higher-risk tickets. Leverage the power behind OptimainxDR and significant damage reduction is not just possible-it's proven!

7,365,851 Locate Requests

Number of locate requests processed by the OptimainxDR Calculation Engine.

12,303 Preventable Damages

Number of actual damages reported on locate requests that were ranked in the HIGHEST risk category (ranked in the top 10%).

The Data Speaks for Itself

Opvantek works with each underground facility owner to analyze one call tickets and other data collected and maintained by its damage prevention team. Opvantek then applies a proprietary statistical analysis methodology to tune the initial model to make best use of the data available on each ticket. This may include street names, towns, map grids, company names, phone numbers, locator information, and the type of work being performed. Thereafter, the engine automatically updates the model as it learns from new data.

Save Money

The Common Ground Alliance’s 2016 DIRT Report conservatively estimated the societal costs of excavation damages in the United States to be $1.5 billion annually. What a compelling reason for every stakeholder to make an investment in OptimainxDR! It enables all of us to focus our resources preventing damages rather than collecting repair bills, wrangling over who was at fault, and paying expensive safety fines. Avoid disruption to your customers’ service. Keep yourself out of the headlines. The simple fact is OptimainxDR saves you time, money, and resources—all tangible assets that add up quickly for less than 1% of the cost of performing a locate!

Powerful Advantages

Why leverage the power of OptimainxDR? Imagine being able to:

  • Rely on a predictive risk model that learns from your data.
  • Determine exactly where to focus limited damage-prevention resources.
  • Bring immediate visibility to high-risk excavation sites on maps that include your facilities.
  • Mine the statistics yourself to proactively fix the underlying problems (educate the most frequent offenders, train poorly performing locators, fix inadequate records).
  • Automate your OneCall screening process with a PROVEN solution.
  • Understand relative risk as you screen your tickets.
  • Assign your best locators to sites with higher risk.
  • Improve customer safety and satisfaction by reducing service disruptions and avoiding potential incidents.