Integrity Management from Well to Burner Tip

Your data has plenty to show you. OptimainIM tells you where to focus.

The data you need to make well-informed integrity management (IM) decisions is much like the nation's natural gas supply-it flows from many sources with varying quality, reliability, and cost. And like the underground infrastructure you rely on to carry that natural gas all the way to the customer, the data is complex and disparate, leaving many opportunities for conflict and uncertainty.

Fortunately, Opvantek has developed OptimainIM, the highly automated software solution you need to gather together all that complicated data, filter out the noise, glean the relevant facts, apply intelligent assumptions, and produce concise, actionable information whenever you require it. This is a comprehensive IM platform for every component across any gas network. . . from wellhead to burner tip.

The Big Picture Magnified

What would it mean if you could have a simultaneous bird’s-eye and worm’s-eye view of your Integrity Management system? Use the big picture to justify risk based investment decisions over multi-year planning horizons. Then, drill into the details to make specific, tactical, week-to-week decisions always based on the latest available information. OptimainIM makes it possible to see the risk in your system from any level-city block to entire service territory. Display risk directly on your GIS maps, or using powerful embedded business analysis tools to break your risk down by threat category, asset type, or any other available dimension.

Never has it been easier to place your focus where it needs to be. And the better your focus, the more you can avoid costly emergency repairs and the potential for property damages, injuries, and fatalities. With this degree of infrastructure knowledge, you can achieve next-level risk mitigation.

Models Built on Your Data

By combining your data with relevant industry algorithms, public information, and detailed knowledge captured from your subject matter experts, OptimainIM delivers a mathematically sound, defensible approach to assessing risk. Worried about data quality? Let us show you the value in your data today, and help you focus investments in data quality to eliminate uncertainty from your risk assessment. Show all your stakeholders you are making the best use of the information you have to “know your system”, prioritize threats, and evaluate risk. Forge a more positive relationship with your regulatory agencies by instilling confidence in your approach to risk mitigation. Do it all while prudently and proactively optimizing the use of your available resources-from capital investments to operating expenses to people and time.

Intelligent Resource Allocation

With OptimainIM, you can leverage powerful automation technology to reduce time spent on tedious administrative tasks. Network data collection, risk evaluation, monitoring, and maintenance are fully integrated features that intelligently optimize resource allocation to not only save you time, but also reduce risk by limiting the human-error factor.

One Platform for All Domains

Even if you are primarily a distribution operator, you probably have some pipes that require you to comply with IM regulations for gathering or transmission systems. OptimainIM offers a single platform to minimize your investment in software, system administration, and user training. OptimainIM can be deployed behind your firewall or hosted from the cloud. Either way, you get a fully featured suite of tools presented to your users via a web-based client. Install it once and use it everywhere, with an architecture that can scale to meet the needs of any size utility.

Your New IM Solution

Why leverage the power of OptimainIM?

  • Unlocks the information buried in your data using techniques we’ve developed and improved over the last 25 years.
  • Evaluates risk for individual assets for every DOT threat category.
  • Serves as the foundation of your Pipeline Safety Management System.
  • Prioritizes risk mitigation actions, demonstrates and measures continuous improvement and supports compliance with all IM regulations.
  • Automatically gathers new data as it’s reported and updates affected risk evaluations, so you can focus on using the results.