June 13, 2018

Using Predictive Analytics in Damage Prevention

Yardley, PA – June 13, 2018 – The Future Tech Trends issue of American Locator Magazine article “Winning the Game, Predictive Analytics Evens the Odds for Damage Prevention” showcases how Damage Prevention teams are having great success using statistical analysis – just like Major League Baseball teams (remember the Oakland A’s of the early 2000s). The Moneyball era in major league baseball was ushered in to help teams with limited budgets and resources use those resources more efficiently to stay competitive. “Big Data” is providing many opportunities for predictive analytics to achieve better results with fewer resources.

”Understanding where your damages are coming from is important, however it is just as important to understand where your damages are GOING to come from”. The article showcases how each stakeholder in the damage prevention process can use risk scores on their one call tickets to make the best use of their available damage prevention resources. Damage prevention teams are working extremely hard to reach the goal of zero damages. Predictive analytics is a proven, effective tool to help in this quest. Utilities are using predictive analytics with great success.

Click here to read the full article: Future Tech Trends article- Moneyball

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