What We Do

Opvantek, Inc. has been developing best-in-class utility software applications for over 25 years. Our software and solutions are built for the specialized needs of the utility industry, easily configurable to fit your data model, with customizable system interfaces and smooth two-way integration with any enterprise geographic information system. Our software is built to address the unique business and regulatory demands that our customers face. Risk-Based Asset Management following ISO 55000 principles, Pipeline Safety Management, & Integrity Management. And, to ensure our products continue to evolve and meet the needs of the industry, we participate regularly in industry groups and forums, including the Gas Piping Technology Committee(GPTC), American Gas Association, and Common Ground Alliance.

We dig deep to get real, meaningful data and produce the software utilities rely on to work smarter, with more accuracy and reduced risk. We help to improve operations and outcomes. We help decrease the probability of error. We help neutralize the odds of catastrophe.

The Optimain® risk assessment platform was first introduced to the gas distribution industry in 1990. Today, Optimain DS is used to assess risk on over 20% of the gas distribution systems in the US. Very soon, we’ll be rolling out the next generation of that product – OptimainIM.  which will support integrity management from well to burner tip.

OptimainxDR is a predictive analytics engine that can dynamically prioritize risk on one-call tickets as they are received. This software engine can be deployed as a hosted cloud service or deployed on-premise, and has a proven history of preventing excavation damages.